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Missed another MOT? Forgotten to tax the van? Stop juggling spreadsheets, calendars and folders of photos when managing your fleet and get your FleetSorted.

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💥 Escape the Spreadsheet

When you first start managing company cars, the trusty spreadsheet is a great place to begin, but quickly outgrown.

Need to store photos and documents? You can't do that with a spreadsheet. What about reminders when the tax or MOT is due? Nope, no good there either. Then there's the laborious task of keeping all the data up to date. Yawn.

FleetSorted does all these things and more, so you can finally get your fleet under control and escape the spreadsheet!


Spreadsheets are great for lots of things, but managing your vehicle fleet isn't one of them.
Can your spreadsheet do any of this?

Green check-mark Automatic Updates

Vehicle details are kept up to date with the information held by the DVLA and DVSA. So instead of filling everything out by hand you can get on with more important things. When any of those details change, they'll be updated automatically. So you can stop filling out forms and stick the kettle on!

Green check-mark Vehicle Notifications

Never fear a missed MOT or overdue tax again. Each week you'll receive an email containing a list of vehicles that are due for an MOT or to have their tax renewed in the next 30 days. Combined with automatic updates from the DVLA, you'll always be on top of things.

Green check-mark Full MOT History

How can you be sure that every past owner looked after that van as well as you? We fetch the full MOT history for every vehicle from the DVSA, so even if the previous owner lost all their paperwork; you'll have a record of every result.

Green check-mark Teams

Manage your fleet as a team with multi-user functionality. Our robust fleet management system empowers multiple users to seamlessly work together, ensuring smooth coordination and effective communication. Together, let's make light work of managing your fleet.

Green check-mark Driver Management

Effortlessly manage your drivers and vehicle assignments with FleetSorted's intuitive fleet management system. Our software provides seamless functionality for efficiently assigning drivers to vehicles and keeping track of driver information.

Green check-mark Manage Suppliers

Efficiently handle your fleet's suppliers with FleetSorted's comprehensive supplier management feature. From hire/lease companies to insurance and windscreen providers, streamline your interactions and ensure smooth collaboration.

⛔ Tracking Free

These days it feels like everything we do is tracked. There are plenty of systems that will help you do the same with your fleet. Know where your fleet is every nanosecond, down to the centimetre, for one eye-watering monthly price.

What if you just want to stay on top of managing your fleet? Manage your whole fleet on FleetSorted for the same price many competitors will charge you for a single vehicle!





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