This page contains a guide to many of the different areas of FleetSorted. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please get in touch through our contact page.


When adding a new vehicle to FleetSorted, the only required field is the registration number. All other details on the vehicle form are optional, but supplying those details will help you to maintain a more complete record of that vehicle. As soon as you add a new vehicle to FleetSorted we contact the DVLA and the DVSA to retrieve all the details of that vehicle they have on record, as well as any past MOT test results.

Once the vehicle's details have been retrieved from the DVLA, they will be available in the Vehicle Details section of the vehicle's dashboard. As soon as you have added a vehicle to the system, we will monitor the MOT expiry date and the vehicle's tax renewal date, in order to notify you when they are coming up.

Vehicle Notifications

Every week you'll receive a notification e-mail containing a list of vehicles with either an expiring MOT certificate or vehicle tax due in the next 30 days. Once a vehicle passes its MOT, or the tax is renewed, this information will be updated with the DVLA, then that vehicle should no longer appear in the notification e-mail – until the following year.

Editing a Vehicle

Most of the details relating to a vehicle are fetched automatically from the DVLA and the DVSA. You can update some vehicle information through the vehicle edit form. To reach the vehicle edit form; click on the Vehicle Details button on the vehicle's dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit Vehicle Details.

Because all the information fetched from the DVLA and DVSA is dependent on the vehicle's registration number, it's not possible to edit the registration number of a vehicle. If you find you've entered the registration number incorrectly; you will need to delete the vehicle and then create a new one, using the correct registration number.

Deleting a Vehicle

To delete a vehicle from the system, follow the instructions above to reach the vehicle edit form, then click the Delete Vehicle button at the bottom of the page. Only delete a vehicle when you are certain it is no longer required. Deleting a vehicle will also delete all related records, such as mileages and MOT tests.
Once a vehicle has been deleted, you can always re-add it at a later date.


Unable to fetch vehicle details from the DVLA

Whenever a new vehicle is added to the FleetSorted system, we attempt to fetch the vehicle's details from the DVLA. If you're seeing this message, it means the DVLA was unable to find the vehicle.

As fetching the details from the DVLA relies on the vehicle's registration number, the first thing to check would be that you have entered the correct registration number. If there is a problem with the registration number, you will need to delete the vehicle from the system, then go to add a new vehicle to start the process again.

The DVLA only stores details for vehicles registered in the UK. If the vehicle you are entering was entered in a different country the DVLA will have no record of it and we will be unable to fetch or update the details automatically.

If you are certain that the registration number is correct and that the vehicle was registered in the UK with the DVLA, please contact us so we can investigate further.


Manual Mileages

Mileages can be recorded manually from the mileages page. To reach the Mileages page for a vehicle; you only need to click the Mileages button on the vehicle's dashboard.

MOT Test Mileages

Whenever an MOT Test is performed, a mileage will be taken by the person performing the test. When the MOT Tests for a vehicle are fetched from the DVSA and added to the system, the mileage from each test will be automatically added to that vehicle's mileages record. This means that you will get a historical record of mileages for that vehicle even before it entered your care.

MOT Tests

An MOT test in an annual inspection, carried out by a qualified person, that checks vehicles for their road-worthiness. When an MOT test is performed; you will be advised of any maintenance or repairs that need to be carried out on the vehicle. If any of the issues found are serious enough, meaning the vehicle is not road-worthy, it will be refused an MOT certificate until those issues are resolved.

As soon as you add a new vehicle to FleetSorted we will attempt to fetch all historical MOT tests for that vehicle from the DVSA. Once this has been done, you can view the details of any MOT test by clicking on the relevant test under the MOT tests section of a vehicle's dashboard.

MOT Test Certificates

The list of MOT tests will contain passed tests, as well as any failed tests where an MOT certificate was refused. You can use the record of failed tests to see any defects that the vehicle has had in the past that compromised its road-worthiness. As well as failed tests, passed tests can contain advisory notes that indicate issues that were discovered which were not serious enough to cause it to fail the test.

Replacing a lost or damaged MOT certificate

If you have lost or damaged your MOT certificate, you can request a replacement from the DVLA.


The core features of FleetSorted are available for free, all you need to do is create an account. There are also a number of premium features that are only available to subscribers. For a full list of all the features that are available for to subscribers, please visit our pricing page.

Creating a Subscription

In order to create a subscription, just visit the subscriptions page and click "Subscribe" below the subscription plan that best fits your needs. From there you will be directed to a secure payment page where you can enter your payment details. All payment card information is handled by Stripe, FleetSorted does not handle or process any payment information.

Cancelling a Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. In order to cancel your subscription, just visit the subscriptions page and click the "Cancel" button. Once you cancel your subscription you will lose access to any premium features provided by the subscription.


Many hands make light work. Two heads are better than one. A problem shared is a problem halved. There are many ways to say it; teamwork works. Inviting other users to your team allows them to view and manage any vehicles you've already added to the system. They'll also receive vehicle notifications for any vehicles that have an MOT test or tax due.

In order to use the teams functionality, you'll need either a medium or large subscription. For information on creating a subscription, see the help section on subscriptions.

Inviting Team Members

To invite other users to join your team, click on your name in the top-right corner of the screen, then select the Team option that appears in the drop-down. You can also click this link to take you to the Team page. Once you're on the team page, just click the blue Send Invite button. This will display a form where you can enter the e-mail address of the user you would like to invite to join your team.

Inviting someone to join your team will send an e-mail with a link to click in order to accept the invite. Before they're able to accept the invite they'll need to create an account. If they already have an account they will only need to click the Accept link in the e-mail.

Accepting a Team Invite

Before accepting a team invite for FleetSorted you will need to register an account. Once that's done just click the Accept Invite button in the e-mail to be added to the team.